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Published: 3 June 2022

Furry Research

Tickling Theory In Furry (Supplement)



This article is a supplement to the essay I contributed to the recently published club journal No. 8. The story about tickling is wide-ranging, and I’m going to write here what I couldn’t write in the club journal!

※Attention! “R-15” rating expressions are used in the text.

“Method”of Tickling

There are various ways to tickle your partner. Tickling in the situation of play allows you to search freely for and tickle your partner’s weaknesses. It is relatively easy to find ticklish places because the partner will arch his or her back when the ticklish places is struck. When you tickle your partner with a prank, tickle and attack sexually various parts that are considered weak points!

Next is about tickles in a restrained situaton. The partner will not be freely, so the tickling side will be able to find more ticklish places to their heart’s content! Especially the armpits will be empty, so it will be very easy to attack sexually.

An example of a restraint stand in 3DCG, in this case X-shaped restraint is assumed.

“Reaction”of Tickling

There are several types of reactions when tickled. There are three types in the restrained situation: the type that twists the body and reacts as “movement”, the type that reacts mainly as a direct “voice” such as laughter, and the type that disturbs “breath” with pant voice etc.

It has also recently been found that the reaction changes depending on the tickled part of the body. For example, if your armpits are tickled, you will laugh, or if you are tickled the back of your thighs, you will have a panting reaction. There are individual differences in how they react, so it can be said that each person is different. I’ve seen three types of reactions so far, but maybe there are other reactions as well!

This is an example of tickling in play. In this furry’s case, you can see that the body area from the armpit to the flank is the ticklish point. You can also see that it is reacting as laughing.

“Body shape”and Tickling

I think that the tickled side will react differently depending on the body shape. This is mainly related to the sensitivity of being tickled, I think that the thinner you are, the more sensitive you are, and the fat you are, the less sensitive you are. I’m not really sure about this because I can only compare and inspect the same person when he or she is thin and fat. I want to make sure of the truth by ticking the person when he or she was fat and tickle again after he or she lost weight!

“Words”at Tickling

Next is about the Japanese laughing voices of tickled side. Some of the examples of the voices that you can hold back before you laugh out loud are, “Uh, Kukukuku …!” or “Guu, Ngugugugu …!”. You can see dotted lines as a feature. I think that the tickled sides want to control themselves that says, “I mustn’t laugh!” with a sense of shame.

Furthermore, I considered the lines when the partner are tickled and laugh. Quoting from “The Beginner’s Edition of Tickling Theory,”

“Stop it!”
“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!”
“Wait a minute, ehhhhhhhhhhh !!”
“Hihihihihihihihihi !!”
“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!”
“Please give me a break!”

there is something like these. In Japanese, there are various repertoires depending on the situation, but personally, I think that the sense of urgency will increase if Kanji are not included in the lines. I think this depends on the author, but if you want to express the feeling of being tickled and can’t stand it, I think you should write only Hiragana without Kanji!

“Facial expression”and Tickling

There is a certain fixed facial expression pattern on the tickled side and the tickling side. Explaining by using the image mentioned earlier, you can see the tickled side closes her eyes, opens her mouth, and sheds tears while laughing loudly. The tickling side is tickling with a squinting sinister face. I think these features depends on the author, but I always try to devise the facial expression on the tickling side. Sometimes the tickling side is expressionless or smiling, but I try to make the tickling side looks sinister as much as possible!

At the end

There are various methods and reactions about tickling, and the more you think about it, the deeper you will find it. I’ve had more experiences of tickling play than the average person, but I still don’t know much about it. It’s hard to talk to people, but I hope to continue deepening the discussion about tickling!